Two decades of dealing with all breeds,
sizes, shapes and personalities.
And the dogs and cats too!


In case you've never met us, I'm Barb. My husband Francis and I have built and operate a boarding kennel near Hart, Michigan that we call Applewood Kennels for 20 years now.

Oh, the stories we could tell! The funny dog stories that have happened... the crazy situations we have found ourselves in. We never dreamed when we opened the doors that this would be the kind of business that when we woke up in the morning, we couldn't imagine how the day would end. 

We've made great friendships over the years as well; spending time chatting with our clients and telling those stories. So for our 20th anniversary, we had an idea. We've decided to so something for our existing, former and hopefully future clients.

We decided to start a blog so we can share those fun stories, keep you up-to-date with news of what's going on at the kennel, post pictures of kennel cuties and hopefully, have some fun! Look for postings a couple times a week. We will be introducing features as we go along so keep checking back! We hope you enjoy Barb's Pet Tails!

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